1.25 oz Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin

Coin Details
• Manufacturer: Royal Canadian Mint
• Minting Location: Ottawa, Canada
• Denomination: $8 (CAN)
• Silver Content: 1.25oz (38.88g)
• Metal Purity: .9999 Pure Silver
• Diameter: 38mm
• IRA-Eligibility: Eligible
Coin Design
  • Obverse: Queen Elizabeth II shown in right-side profile, designed by Susanna Blunt
  • Reverse: Profile portrait of an American buffalo
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What Is the History Behind the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin?

The Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin is a narrative captured in fine silver, paying homage to a symbol of North American heritage. The history of the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin intertwines with the story of the American buffalo, also known as the bison, and its undeniable mark on the culture and history of the United States and Canada.

The coin, minted by the prestigious Royal Canadian Mint, celebrates the resilience and restoration of the American buffalo. Historically, the buffalo played a central role in the lives of Native American tribes, serving as a source of food, clothing, and tools while holding a deep spiritual significance.

However, the arrival of European settlers marked a dark period for the buffalo, as overhunting and expansion into the Great Plains drastically reduced their numbers from millions to the brink of extinction by the late 19th century.

The turn of the 20th century saw the beginning of concerted conservation efforts to save the buffalo from disappearing, spearheaded by government and private entities in Canada and the United States. These efforts have been successful, bringing the numbers of wild buffalo back from the edge of extinction to over 30,000, a testament to the strength of nature when given a chance to recover.

What Year Were Silver Buffalo Coins Minted?

The precise minting year of the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin might not be as universally recognized as those of other long-standing mintages in precious metals. This is partly because the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin represents a more contemporary offering from the Royal Canadian Mint, designed to honor North America’s wildlife and cultural heritage.

The Royal Canadian Mint, known for its innovation and the quality of its commemorative and bullion coins, often issues specialty coins to celebrate the rich tapestry of Canada’s and America’s natural and historical legacy.

Given the specialized nature of these coins, they have a variety of minting years, similar to annual releases like the Silver Eagle Coin or the Gold Buffalo Coin. These coins are produced in specific batches that may correspond to particular anniversaries or thematic initiatives by the Mint. Each batch upholds the Royal Canadian Mint’s rigorous standards of .9999 fine silver, making them highly sought after for their purity and artistry.

What Is the Design of the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin?

The design of the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin is a remarkable blend of artistry and heritage. It captures the spirit of the vast North American wilderness and its iconic fauna. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this coin features imagery that pays tribute to the continent’s rich cultural and natural history.


The coin proudly displays the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, a design by Susanna Blunt that has become synonymous with Canadian coinage, symbolizing the coin’s legal tender status in Canada. This portrait of the Queen underscores the coin’s connection to the Commonwealth and its traditions.


The coin showcases a majestic profile portrait of an American buffalo inspired by the legendary design of James Earle Fraser’s Buffalo Nickel, also known as the Indian Head Nickel. This depiction is believed to be modeled after Black Diamond, a bison that resided in the Central Park Zoo in New York during the early 20th century. The choice of the American buffalo as the central motif is deeply significant, reflecting the animal’s historical and ecological importance, its symbolic value of liberty, and the untamed wilderness that once covered much of North America.

The coin’s design honors the beauty and strength of the buffalo and serves as a reminder of the conservation efforts that have allowed the bison population to recover from near extinction. Moreover, including this iconic animal on a Canadian-minted coin highlights the shared natural heritage between the United States and Canada, celebrating the connections that transcend national borders.

Silver Content and Metal Purity

Minted with .9999 pure silver and weighing 1.25 troy ounces, the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin encapsulates the enduring legacy of one of North America’s most revered creatures. The combination of fine craftsmanship, historical significance, and the purity of the silver makes this coin a coveted item. Its design embodies a profound respect for nature and history, becoming a meaningful addition to any silver bullion or precious metals collection.

How Does the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin Compare to Other Silver Coins?

The Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin stands out in silver coins for its distinctive design and appeal, setting it apart from other silver offerings. When compared to other silver coins, several vital aspects highlight its uniqueness and value.

Design and Cultural Significance

The Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin draws inspiration from James Earle Fraser’s iconic Buffalo Nickel, featuring a Native American on the obverse and an American bison, Black Diamond, on the reverse.

This design showcases fine artistry and holds deep cultural significance, embodying the spirit of North America’s history and wilderness. Unlike many silver coins that focus solely on aesthetic or monetary value, the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin connects to the continent’s heritage, making it a meaningful piece for collectors and history enthusiasts.

Metal Purity and Weight

Minted with .9999 pure silver, the coin exceeds the purity standards of many other silver bullion coins, providing purchasers with a high-quality option for adding to their precious metals holdings. Additionally, its unique weight of 1.25 troy oz offers an alternative to the more commonly found 1 oz silver bullion coins, giving it a slight edge in terms of metal content and potential value.

Legal Tender and IRA Eligibility

Many private mints have found inspiration in the Silver Buffalo design, but these imitations lack the true value of the original Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin. As a product of the Royal Canadian Mint, the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin is a legal tender in Canada, backed by a face value of $8 (CAN)/$5.94 (USD).

This status, coupled with its IRA eligibility, enhances its appeal, allowing individuals to diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals in a tax-advantaged manner.

Not all silver coins offer this combination of legal tender status and eligibility for retirement accounts, making the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin a versatile option for purchasers.

Collectability and Availability

The coin’s association with the Royal Canadian Mint, known for its quality and innovation in coinage, adds to its collectability.

Limited quantities and the silver bullion coin’s connection to the buffalo’s classic design increase its appeal to collectors seeking unique or historically significant pieces. Its availability through reputable dealers like American Hartford Gold ensures purchasers can access authentic silver and gold coins at the best prices with secure checkout options.

Comparison With Other Silver Coins

Compared to popular silver coins like the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin holds its ground with its unique cultural significance, higher metal purity, and distinct weight.

While the American Silver Eagle and Silver Maple Leaf are renowned for their liquidity and recognition, the Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin appeals to those looking for something beyond mere value — a piece of art that captures the essence of North American history and the spirit of its wildlife.

Why Buy Silver Canadian Buffalo Coins?

Acquiring 1.25 oz silver buffalo coins offers a multifaceted opportunity combining historical richness, asset quality, and aesthetic appeal.

Minted with .9999 fine silver and weighing 1.25 troy ounces, these coins serve as a tangible asset for diversifying asset portfolios and embody a piece of North American heritage, making them highly desirable for purchasers. Their legal tender status in Canada and IRA eligibility further enhance their appeal, providing a secure, tax-advantaged safe haven asset.

Available through reputable dealers like American Hartford Gold, these silver coins are accessible to both seasoned and new purchasers, offering a blend of beauty, value retention, and liquidity that is hard to match in the precious metals market.

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