Investing in Precious Metals: 11 Benefits

The history of precious metals like gold and silver is the history of humanity. Since the dawn of civilization, precious metals have shaped society. They have been passionately sought after as a store of value, a medium of exchange, and a source of beauty. The universal respect for gold is found in the countless sayings around the world praising it as the highest standard one can achieve.
“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”
– J.P. Morgan

The intrinsic value of precious metals that fueled empires and artists also provides unique advantages to the modern investor. Precious metals offer a safe harbor investment that protects your wealth during economic, social, and political upheaval. In addition, they are portable, private, and liquid. Gold and silver are the best foundation to build a more prosperous retirement on.

The Benefits of Precious Metals Include


The inherent value of precious metals exists independent of any government. This gives them a distinct benefit over fiat money.

Fiat money is a government-issued currency. It is not backed by a commodity such as gold. Most modern paper currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, are fiat currencies. Their value comes from the amount of money in circulation and the stability of the issuing government.

All too often in troubled times, governments try to solve their problems by printing more and more money. The end result is inevitably hyperinflation. The fiat currency becomes worth less than the paper it is printed on. However, the value of precious metals remains stable in the face of political upheaval.

A RISING DEMAND – We’re in A Golden Age

From private investors and hedge funds to central banks and governments, the demand for precious metals continues to rise. They all recognize the economic benefits of investing in gold and silver. The US government is currently shedding securities and investing in gold.

Gold and silver aren’t only essential to the financial sector. They are irreplaceable raw materials in modern manufacturing. The digital age simply cannot exist without them. There is no foreseeable end to the demand for precious metals from the economic and industrial sectors.


By definition, precious metals such as gold and silver are rare resources. There is a limit to the amount of gold in the world. Only 20% of the world’s gold remains to be mined.  Unlike dollars, governments cannot simply print more gold.

Experts believe the last piece of gold will be extracted in 20 years. This scarcity, combined with the ever-increasing demand, can result in a meteoric rise in gold prices. Owning physical gold puts you in an elite and protected position.


Precious metals are not controlled by any single government or financial institution. This independence from any one country or market lets gold and silver hold their value no matter what crisis is happening around the world. Gold and silver give their owner the freedom to easily move their wealth to any corner of the globe. Owning the actual precious metal offers protection from government overreach. 

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

LIQUIDITY – The Golden Ticket

Many retirement investments lock you into long term commitments with steep penalties for withdrawing your money. Why should you face delays and high costs to access your own savings? Precious metals offer the owner instant liquidity. You can convert your metals into the currency of your choice when and where you choose. 

Gold and silver can quickly and easily be exchanged for cash without losing substantial value in the conversion. This is because there are a large number of investors who actively buy and sell both commodities around the world.


Precious metals are an important part of a diversified portfolio. A diversified portfolio minimizes the overall risk associated to your money. Not only do diversified portfolios reduce risk, they most often generate higher returns in the long run.

Adding gold and silver to your retirement funds reduces the impact of market volatility. You gain peace of mind knowing that your money is safe from wild market swings. Like they say, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

Looking over the 15 years from 2005 to 2020, the price of gold has increased by 330%. Over the same period, the DJIA increased by only 153%.

In most cases, the gold price rose during the biggest stock market crashes.
Does gold go up if a stock plunge occurs? In recent times, the answer has usually been, “Yes!” This was regardless of whether the crash was short-lived or stretched over a couple years. Gold even climbed in the biggest crash of them all: the 56 percent decline that lasted two full years in the early 2000s.

And during the 2008 crash, when the stock market lost more than 50% of its value, the value of gold increased an incredible 25%!

PROTECTS AGAINST INFLATION – More secure than Fort Knox

Gold is a traditional safe-haven against inflation. Poor monetary policy and global turmoil make inflation seem inevitable. Inflation is the decline of a currency’s purchasing power over time. This results in higher prices for just about everything. Gold is widely considered an inflationary protection (or hedge) because its price in U.S. dollars is variable.

So, if the dollar loses value from the effects of inflation, gold tends to become more expensive. An owner of gold is hedged against a falling dollar. As inflation rises and erodes the value of the dollar, the cost of every ounce of gold in dollars will rise as a result. The value of your investment is safe. You still have the same purchasing power. Your printed dollar won’t go as far, but your gold will.


Gold and silver are physical assets. Once you take possession of them, they are yours to keep. Stocks, currency, and now cryptocurrency, are all, ultimately, just numbers stored in a database somewhere. Every day, there are new reports of hundreds of millions of dollars being stolen electronically, or simply lost – with no recourse to the owner. The best way to protect your investment is to invest in something you can physically protect.


Since precious metals are a physical asset, they are a portable form of wealth. This gives you the power to transfer your money anywhere in the world without facing taxes, fees, or government interference. Simply decide where you want to go, and you can take your investment with you. In addition, portable physical assets like gold and silver make it easy to transfer your wealth to your heirs.

“Gold still represents the ultimate form of payment in the world. Fiat money in extremis is accepted by nobody. Gold is always accepted.”
– Alan Greenspan


In this day and age, privacy feels like a forgotten concept. Every transaction and conversation seems to be recorded somewhere by someone. But when you purchase precious metals, it is no one’s business but your own. Your investment cannot be tracked or traced and is secure from government agencies. We believe your privacy should be protected as much as your retirement funds are.

“Because gold is honest money it is disliked by dishonest men.”
– Ron Paul


While owned by the wealthiest 1%, precious metals are not reserved just for elite hedge fund managers or government insiders. They are an equal opportunity investment available to anyone. In fact, adding them to your portfolio is a very simple process. You currently have everything you need to protect your future.

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