American Eagle

American Eagle-Back
American Eagle-Back
Coin Details
• Manufacturer: U.S. Mint
• Minting Location: West Point, NY
• Denomination: $50
• Gold Content: 1 Troy oz
• Metal Purity: .9167
• Thickness: 2.87 mm
• Diameter: 32.7 mm
• IRA-Eligibility: Eligible
Coin Design
  • Obverse: Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ iconic Lady Liberty, striding forward with a torch as a guiding light and in the other the olive branch of peace
  • Reverse: Sculptor Miley Busiek created the image of a male bald eagle returning to a female and hatchlings.
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Why Should You Obtain American Gold Eagle Coins for Your Portfolio?

Diversification stands as a cardinal rule while walking the path of economic stability. In a world marked by economic fluctuations, holding tangible assets becomes imperative. The American Gold Eagle coin is a preferred choice among the array of physical commodities. 

The coin’s allure lies in its tangible form and its rich history, artistic brilliance, and wide recognition. As part of American Hartford Gold’s offerings, we aim to explore why this coin, minted at the West Point Mint, is vital in any precious metals portfolio.

What Makes the American Gold Eagle Coin a Cherished Commodity?

The inception of the American Gold Eagle Coin in 1986 brought about a significant moment in the history of the U.S. Mint. Congress authorized the production of this coin, making it a tangible asset that reflects the United States’ legacy. 

Acquiring this coin is more than the procurement of physical gold. You’re also obtaining a piece of art, a symbol of America’s history that could potentially serve as an heirloom for future generations.

The Design: An Artistic Testament

Every American Gold Eagle coin is a meticulously crafted masterpiece. The obverse design, modeled by the esteemed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, portrays Lady Liberty in a full-length figure, her right hand holding a torch and left clutching an olive branch. This artistic representation of Lady Liberty, alongside the inscription “E Pluribus Unum,” radiates hope, peace, and unity.

The reverse, graced by Miley Busiek‘s artwork, exhibits a male bald eagle in flight, carrying an olive branch to his nest, where a female eagle guards their hatchlings. This depiction of an American Eagle family conveys unity, strength, and protection – qualities that align with American Hartford Gold‘s commitment to its clients.

The Legacy: Double Eagle’s Echo

While the term ‘double eagle‘ traditionally refers to the U.S. 20-dollar gold coins circulated from 1850 to 1933, its influence extends to the American Gold Eagle coin. 

The design, particularly on the obverse, draws from the double eagle, linking the coin’s illustrious past to its present and future. This design connection underpins the continuity of the coinage tradition, enhancing the coin’s appeal to numismatic enthusiasts and those with an appreciation for history.

A Resilient Acquisition: American Gold Eagle Coin

Our world is susceptible to economic uncertainties, but diversification with tangible assets can provide stability. Adding American Gold Eagle coins to your collection is not merely about current gains; it’s a measure to safeguard your future. Gold, a historically consistent store of value, can provide a buffer against inflation and financial instabilities.

The American Gold Eagle coin, recognized and valued globally, can be easily acquired and, when required, liquidated. It’s a resilient asset, always ready to hold its ground against the test of time.

American Gold Eagle Coin: Choose the Size That Fits Your Needs

American Gold Eagle coins are minted in four sizes, each carrying a unique face value. The one-ounce coin, the most substantial of the four, holds a face value of 50 USD. In contrast, the half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and tenth-ounce coins have face values of 25, 10, and 5 USD, respectively. 

Whether you are looking for higher-value acquisitions or diversifying with smaller coins, the American Gold Eagle coin series caters to varying requirements.

Backed by the U.S. Government

When you acquire an American Gold Eagle coin, you get more than just a tangible asset. The coin comes with the U.S. Government’s backing regarding its weight, content, and purity. Each coin comprises 22-karat gold, ensuring you get exactly what you procure.

American Hartford Gold: Your Secure Haven for Physical Gold

With AHG, you can rest assured that your assets are held securely and with the utmost confidentiality. We strictly adhere to the Gold Bullion Coin Act and maintain a close partnership with trusted entities like the United States government. Our commitment to safeguarding your assets extends to offering secure storage options for your precious metals, ensuring their protection and easy access whenever needed.

Make the smart choice and join countless satisfied buyers who have entrusted American Hartford Gold with their wealth preservation goals. 

Explore the vast selection of gold coins, including the highly sought-after American Gold Eagle and the majestic Gold Double Eagle. Take advantage of the opportunity to acquire proof coins, known for their exceptional quality and limited mintage, and coins featuring stunning reverse designs and symbolic talons.

What Is the Role of a Gold IRA?

A Gold IRA, a self-directed individual retirement account, can hold physical gold instead of traditional financial securities like stocks or bonds. It’s crucial to understand that while AHG facilitates the sale of precious metals for a Gold IRA, we do not administer these accounts or act as a depository

In compliance with IRS rules and regulations, the metals are held in a custodian’s depository until the retirement account holder decides to take a distribution.

It’s important to note that purchasing physical gold through a Gold IRA comes with specific rules and regulations. One must understand these rules before procuring gold bars and coins.

Considering American Gold Eagle Coins: Why Now?

In the current financial scenario, procuring gold and other precious metals is not just about potential gains. It’s also about protection against uncertainties. As a tangible asset, the American Gold Eagle coin offers this protection while serving as a link to the country’s rich history.

Weighing the Price of Gold

Considering the global economic environment, the price of gold remains an essential factor when procuring physical gold. However, prices can fluctuate based on several factors, including market supply and demand, geopolitical events, and inflation. Monitoring the spot prices can help you make informed decisions about when to acquire gold coins or bars.

Bottom Line

The American Gold Eagle coin, with its history, design, and durability, is a sought-after choice for individuals looking to procure physical gold. At American Hartford Gold, we offer these coins and other forms of precious metals to facilitate your journey toward economic stability and wealth protection. Whether new to precious metals or a seasoned collector, we stand ready to assist you in this exciting endeavor.

Embark on your journey toward procuring tangible assets with AHG. Connect with our experienced team, who understands your needs and is ready to guide you every step of the way. Begin your journey with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Gold Coin To Make Everyday Purchases as Legal Tender?

While gold coins hold a legal tender status, their intrinsic value often exceeds their face value. Therefore, they are typically not used for everyday transactions. Most gold coin owners prefer to retain them as assets or collectibles.

What Is Palladium, and Why Is It Significant in Precious Metals?

Palladium is a rare and lustrous silvery-white metal that belongs to the platinum group of metals. It is highly valued for its industrial applications, especially in the automotive and jewelry industries, and is considered a precious metal alongside gold, silver, and platinum.

Palladium can be acquired in the form of coins or bars. As with any acquisition, it’s essential to research and consider market demand, supply dynamics, and price trends before making decisions.

What Is a Troy Ounce?

A troy ounce is a unit of weight used for measuring precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. It is slightly heavier than a regular ounce, with one troy ounce equal to approximately 31.1 grams.

How Can I Determine the Gold Content of a Coin?

The gold content of a coin is usually specified by the issuing authority or mint. It is commonly expressed as a percentage or weight of pure gold in the coin. Reliable dealers and grading services can also provide accurate information regarding the gold content.

What Is a 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin?

An oz American Gold Eagle coin refers to the American Gold Eagle coin that weighs one troy ounce. It is one of the most popular and widely recognized gold coins globally, featuring iconic American imagery.

Why Should I Consider Adding 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coins to My Gold Holdings?

One oz American Gold Eagle coins combine the trusted reputation of the U.S. Mint, the historical significance of American coinage, and the value of one troy ounce of gold. They offer an excellent opportunity to own a widely recognized and easily tradable gold coin.

What Does “Random Year” Refer To When Purchasing Gold or Silver Coins?

Random year” indicates that the specific year of the coin’s minting is not predetermined or selected by the buyer. Instead, the dealer chooses a coin from available inventory, which may include different years of production.

The advantage of purchasing coins with a “random year” designation is that it allows for potentially lower premiums, as the dealer can offer any available year. However, purchasing individual year-dated coins would be more suitable if you prefer specific year-dated coins for personal or collectible reasons.

How Does the American Buffalo Coin Compare to the American Gold Eagle Coin?

The American Buffalo coin differs from the American Gold Eagle coin’s composition, design, and purity. While the American Gold Eagle contains alloyed gold, the American Buffalo coin is pure 24-karat gold, offering a different collecting option.

What Does “Early Release” Mean in the Context of Coin Grading and Certification?

Early release” refers to a designation given by third-party grading services, such as NGC or PCGS, to coins received for grading within a specified time frame after their initial release. It indicates the relatively early availability of a newly issued coin.

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