US Risks Economic Shutdown and Default on Its Debt

economy shutdown

Having endured another rough year, it seemed like we, as Americans, were anticipating the upcoming holidays a bit more than usual.

Unfortunately, yet another significant issue has surfaced for our nation as our government is on the brink of a shutdown.

If action is not taken, the United States federal government will be unable to pay its debts and be at risk of a shutdown in three days.

The Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Social Security Administration are just a few of the agencies that will be affected by the shutdown.

It’s a story that we believe should be the front page of every news source out there, but for some reason, it’s not…

Our message to you, especially over the past year and a half, has always been proactiveness and personally taking charge of your nest egg, thus securing a promising future for your loved ones and yourself.

It’s times like these that we have been trying to prepare you for.

Congress will be meeting this week to vote on increasing the country’s debt ceiling, which, if passed, will prevent a shutdown from happening.

However, no Republicans currently support increasing the debt ceiling as they feel that Democrats are trying to get a blank check signed to fund their alternative agenda.

Of course, we enter into yet another political pointing of the fingers game as Democrats blame the possible shutdown on the Republicans while, in reality, the Democrats do not need a single vote from the Republicans.

Should the vote be in favor of raising the debt ceiling, our overall national debt level will be approved of increasing by some $7 trillion from its current level of $28.4 trillion.

Tack on the outrageous climbing inflation as well as the unemployment numbers (which are growing due to the business vaccine mandate that has thousands walking off their jobs), the virus plus many other problems, and it’s clear to see that more bumps lay ahead in the road.

It’s clear, our government “officials” do not have a plan, or else we wouldn’t have arrived where we are today– days away from a total government shutdown.

Should we choose to learn from other’s mistakes, then the lesson here would be to plan and take action.

When faith is lost in governments and economic turmoil looms by the day– Historically, these are the times in which gold truly “shines.”

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