2019: Retirees Rushing to Safety?

retirees rushing to safety

America’s retirees are facing a scary future.

Millions of retirees across the United States have too much money going out, and not enough money coming in. In the meantime, stocks and housing markets are feeling shaky.

That’s a surefire recipe for heartburn.

MarketWatch says: “The big three sources of income—Social Security, pensions and personal savings—are all problematic. This much is clear: most Americans have not saved nearly enough on their own.”

If you’re not as prepared as you’d like to be, that’s ok! You’re not alone and there are steps you can take today.

We talk to people every day who are trying to do better about getting on top of their retirement picture.


The first step is a dose of reality. Are you relying on an overly-optimistic stock market outlook, based on the boom of the last 10 years? Relative market stability and growth have been very good to investors recently, but trees never grow to the sky.

Consider these recent trends, and be honest… could they have led you to a false sense of security?

Stock markets have been at record highs. Are you counting on possibly over-inflated account balances to be there for you… soon? Are you positioned for safety against painful drops?

Home prices have been at record highs. Are you counting on a possibly over-inflated home value to carry your retirement… soon?

Inflation has been very low. Are you counting on everyday prices staying the same forever…?

Perhaps 2019 will be a year for the record books for the S&P 500 and the housing markets – we certainly hope so. But, either way, it pays to be diversified.

Every dollar you have saved over the years Is very precious. That’s why safe haven assets like physical gold and silver in a gold bullion IRA are well worth considering.

Consider these sobering facts… where do you stand today?

1. 90% of U.S. workers in their 50s don’t have a pension
2. 45% of U.S. workers don’t participate in a retirement plan at work
3. Median retirement account balance is under $60k
4. Fidelity estimates retirees will need more than $130k for healthcare alone
5. Average student debt held by older borrowers is over $23k

Did you know? The average Social Security benefit is less than $1500/month!

That is at or below the poverty line for most Americans — even in the most cost-effective residential areas in the country.

That means that financial defense and self-reliance is more Important than it has ever been.

Let us help you sleep better at night with a diversification strategy that includes physical gold and silver in a gold-backed IRA.

Our IRA Specialists are standing by to answer all your questions.


As the holidays draw to an end and investors look ahead, many retirees have been taking a fresh look at gold and silver.

Here’s what investment and market experts have to say, right now:

George Milling-Stanley, head of gold investments at State Street Global Advisors, says gold could trade as high as $1,400/oz in 2019 as market volatility weighs on equity markets and the U.S. dollar. According to Milling-Stanley, gold’s appeal today is more than just an inflation hedge: it also provides portfolio diversification during times of higher market volatility. “We haven’t seen real inflation pressures for nearly 50 years,” he said. “However, over the years gold has still seen significant gains.”

E.B. Tucker, director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, says 2019 could well be a volatile year for equities, driving increased interest in safe haven assets like gold and silver. He says $1500/oz for gold is possible.

It’s not a matter of whether gold will go up in 2019, but rather, how much it will go up by, says Mike McGlone, Bloomberg Intelligence’s senior commodity strategist. He thinks a weaker dollar could help big in 2019.

Will Rhind of GraniteShares says a weaker dollar and higher volatility could benefit gold in 2019. “I think we can have quite a significant change if there’s a rate rise in December… that really increases the likelihood of a stock market sell-off.”

Erik Norland, senior economist at the CME, says the dollar is the key to higher gold in 2019. “If the U.S. dollar turns out to be a weak currency in 2019, watch for gold to potentially rally quite significantly.” He also is keeping a close eye on employment. “If we see the labor market continuing to tighten, with upside pressure on inflation, that could be extremely bullish for gold.”

Maxwell Gold, Aberdeen Standard Investments’ director of investment strategy, says a weaker dollar, scarier markets and fears of economic recession could be positive for gold in 2019. “Volatility remains in play in 2019 and that will benefit gold.”
Are you positioned to benefit in 2019, what ever the future might bring?


It always pays to consider your down market strategy, even as you hope for up markets.

Diversification is something every investor should consider today, before it is too late.

Gold has been a trusted store of value and safe haven asset for thousands of years. How safe do your retirement portfolio and home value feel right now?

Are you ready to consider your options? Our IRA Specialists can help you put gold and silver to work in a Gold IRA today.

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