U.S. Stock Market Bubble: Ready to Burst?

Stocks are trading at nosebleed levels, interest rates are on the rise and signs of a housing bubble abound.

Stocks are trading at nosebleed levels, interest rates are on the rise and signs of a housing bubble abound. This is a perfect time to consider physical gold and silver as the insurance policy you need to weather the coming turbulence. 2017 marks the eighth anniversary of the second longest bull market in history. If … Read more

China Gold Rush? Imports Up 65% on Safe Haven Demand

gold rush china

America isn’t the only country where investors are turning to safe haven assets in the face of shaky local and global economic conditions. Chinese investors just sent gold imports soaring by 65% on an annual basis in the first quarter of 2017. Why? The China Gold Association’s official statement said the reason was “increased public … Read more

Goldman Sachs: Correction Chances High for 2017

Goldman Sachs’ chief global equities strategist Peter Oppenheimer has cautioned that overzealous investors have “overpriced the ability of the administration to push through some of the things the market is priced for.” He says that a chance of a “correction,” normally defined as a drop of at least 10%, is “quite high.”

This is just one reason why demand for physical gold and silver has been so sustained. In fact, gold hit a new high for 2017 just last week.

American Silver Eagle Coins

First introduced in 1986 as the official U.S. silver bullion coin, the American Silver Eagle is a best-selling coin that celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. The year also marked the 100th anniversary of Adolph A Weinman’s Walking Liberty design that was originally created for 1916 for use on the nation’s half-dollar coin. The exquisite detailing of this classic icon captures the indomitable spirit of the American people. American Silver Eagles have become one of the most popular silver bullion coins on the market today. In fact, a perfect grade American Silver Eagle collection is one of the most expensive investments a collector can make.

1.25 oz Silver Canadian Buffalo Coin

This exclusive silver coin created by the Royal Canadian Mint celebrates the proud heritage of America’s heaviest land animal: the American Buffalo. Despite over-hunting by European settlers in the past, conservation efforts have helped to bring the numbers of wild buffalo back up to over 30,000 in Canada and the United States today.

Available only in highly limited quantities, the Silver Buffalo is a unique 1.25oz .9999 pure silver coin perfect for IRA investors. It features an iconic buffalo profile and unique security features found in no other coin.

Canadian Silver Gyrfalcon Coin

The gyrfalcon has been prized by humans as a trusty hunting companion since our very earliest memories. The noble bird is associated not only with falconry but also with nobility. It is a celebrated Arctic coastal dweller. As the largest of all falcon species, the gyrfalcon makes an appropriate subject for the Royal Canadian Mint’s striking 2016 silver bullion coin.

This 1.5-ounce 99.99% pure silver bullion coin features a reverse designed by Canadian natural artist Steve Hepburn, which captures the celebrated power of the beautiful gyrfalcon in flight.

American Hartford Gold Group Announces Exclusive Offering of 1.25oz Silver Canadian Buffalo Coins

American Hartford Gold Group Announces Exclusive Offering of 1.25oz Silver Canadian Buffalo Coins While Supplies Last: Highly Secure, IRA-Eligible Coins in 1.25oz Size Los Angeles, CA (April 17, 2017) – American Hartford Gold Group today announced that is has acquired the exclusive rights from the Royal Canadian Mint to offer uncirculated Silver Canadian Buffalo Coins … Read more

2014 Canadian Silver Fox Coin


The animal-inspired “Canadian Wildlife” coin series from the Canadian Mint has been a success since its introduction. The 2014 Canadian Arctic Fox Silver coin has been minted from 1.5 troy ounces of the purest .9999 fine silver. The arctic fox (vulpes lagopus) has deep, thick fur that is brown in the summer and white in the winter. The detailing of the animal’s plus coat to the snow-covered trees in the distance on the coin’s front make this arguably one of the finest silver coins celebrating the beauty of nature. On the reverse side, the serene countenance of Elizabeth II, signifies Canada’s traditional allegiance to the monarchy.