Gold price targets rising on Wall Street

It is one of the oldest investment adages out there: sell high and buy low. With the S&P 500 hitting serious redline territory and new records almost daily, it is time to consider your diversification strategy. Some investors are surprised to learn that gold and silver, while performing well in 2016, are both still far … Read more

Mid-Year Report: 6 Months of Lost Time for Equity Investors

The chart above speaks volumes. An unprecedented combination of financial, political and economic trends is causing gold and silver prices to rise while other markets go nowhere. Gold is up over 25% and silver up over 40% in just six months. In addition to the ongoing chaos and fear caused by Brexit (including a major … Read more

Post-Brexit: Did I Miss The Gold Rally?

Last week’s landmark vote in Britain to leave the European Union (EU) has hammered the global markets, crushing the British pound to its lowest level in 31 years. With political rudders across Europe now swinging wildly, what is next is anyone’s guess. The downward pressure on the embattled British currency is so strong, in fact, … Read more

Breaking News: Gold Soaring as Markets Melt Post-Brexit

I woke this morning to the shocking Brexit outcome. The people of Britain have voted, and the decision is for the UK to leave the embattled European Union. In the aftermath, gold is soaring past $1,300 per ounce in a flight to safety from tumbling currencies and markets. $1,400 per ounce for gold could be … Read more

Europe in Turmoil: Is “Brexit” Good for Gold?

Will England vote to leave the European Union this week? This momentous decision, known as “Brexit” (British exit) could impact the currency markets and your portfolio for years to come. And the vote is too close to call. According to a Bloomberg survey of traders and analysts, gold prices could rally to their highest point … Read more

Election Special: Is Your Retirement “Clinton Proof”?

Hillary Clinton has clinched the Democratic nomination and has received the endorsement of President Obama. What could this mean for your retirement? Regardless of who you think might win the election in the fall, you’re going to want to be prepared either way. Let’s take a look at where candidate Clinton stands on taxes, jobs … Read more

Federal Reserve Update: Is my gold at risk?

It is decision time for the U.S. Federal Reserve. Policymakers will meet in mid-June to decide whether to raise interest rates: something that has only happened twice in the last decade as our economy has struggled. The financial media is obsessed with what the Federal Reserve is going to do. Will the Fed raise rates? … Read more

Peter Boockvar: $1900 gold ahead

As you look around you today, it isn’t hard to see why gold and silver are doing well in 2016 and other markets are not. The presidential election cycle is dialing up fast with an electorate that is bitterly divided. Lots of mixed signals in the markets and volatility everywhere. Wondering what to do? When … Read more

Congressman: Government Bungling Could Destroy Your Retirement

According to a well-known Congressman, nothing is more potentially dangerous than a broke and desperate government. Is America in that state? Maybe not yet, but it surely will be soon… our ever-growing pile of federal debt can only end in a real currency crisis. Other nations and their citizens are simply losing faith in the … Read more

Latest Silver Forecasts

“The fundamentals for silver remain fairly sound; demand is expected to grow around 2% next year, while production is expected to fall around 2.7%.” Scotiabank, Precious Metals 2016 Forecast, 12/15. “The silver market saw record demand in 2015, with the jewelry, coin and bar, and photovoltaic sectors posting new highs, helping to boost silver demand … Read more