Why Buy Silver Coins


Think of the power and influence of today’s paper American dollar.

How long has it been in circulation? A few hundred years at most, right?

On the other hand, silver has been a precious element for at least 6000 years and was used as a currency as early as 700 B.C.! Consider the ancient Greek drachma or the British pound sterling.

Today, silver is still held in the same high regard. It is a recognized store of value that offers protection from inflation, fiat currency debasement and banking system failure. Silver is prized not only as an investment, but also as a critical component in industry and products of many kinds.

Many retirement investors include physical silver in their IRA portfolios as a means of diversifying away risk and ensuring a more stable, predictable financial future for themselves. Many silver coins produced by government mints make excellent choices for inclusion in an IRA account.