Is the US Headed Towards Another Recession?

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Rising inflation, extreme housing prices (that only seem to be increasing), the cost of gas up 40% in less than a year– with all of these factors in play, it’s no wonder why the fear of another recession has been at the front of Americans minds.

What’s more alarming is our national debt continues to spiral upwards with little to no attention paid to a resolution.

It’s estimated that the United States will add $3 trillion to its deficit by the end of fiscal 2021.

The figure is startling, to say the least. Making it the second-largest level since 1945 and surpassed only by 2020 spending.

The Congressional Budget Office, which forecasted these figures, have come up short on their own evaluations.

In February, the CBO anticipated a smaller deficit. Months later and they’ve increased their projections by 33% to $3 trillion.

At this rate, how many more times (and by how much) will this figure increase by year’s end?

The negative trend is estimated to grow steadily for the rest of the decade with an annual average approaching close to $2 trillion by 2031.

The CBO admits:

“The economic disruption caused by the 2020–2021 coronavirus pandemic and the legislation enacted in response continue to weigh on the deficit (which was already large by historical standards before the pandemic.)”

Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic advisor at Allianz, told CNBC that Federal Reserve officials are underestimating inflation and risking that the U.S. could fall into another recession.

“… Every day I see evidence of inflation not being transitory, and I have concern that the Fed is falling behind and that it may have to play catch-up…”

The Fed is betting heavily on their own views.

If there’s anything to learn, it’s that you don’t want to be in an environment in which the Fed has to play catch-up.

The last place you want the central bank is behind the curve. A sudden slam on the brakes would mean a sharp change to tighter monetary policy and in turn, risking a recession.

It’s no wonder why gold has historically seen its best performance in times like these, as it acts as a safe haven when economic uncertainty and turmoil arise.

Inflation can’t be ignored. Out-of-control price increases in such a short period are usually followed by a recession.

The question is- Do you trust where the US is headed?

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