Protests, Riots and Civil Unrest Erupts Across the US. America in Crisis


America has erupted into protests, riots, and looting as hundreds of thousands of protestors take to the streets exercising their 1st amendment rights.

Investors already concerned about the deepening US-China rift, sluggish economy, and other negative impacts of COVID 19, now fear that the ongoing US protests and riots could contribute to further economic strain and sway the upcoming presidential election. As demonstrations and uprisings spread, fear and uncertainty are also spreading which could send investors scampering towards the safe-haven of Gold.

How will markets and businesses react?

Although there were peaceful protests, there were also surreal scenes of chaos, fires, riots, and looting. At times, the streets of America resembled and could have been mistaken for a war zone.  Many businesses worried about their stores being looted or damaged have made the tough decision to keep their doors closed a bit longer, instead of reopening amidst the social unrests.

The massive civil protests are also adding another layer of uncertainty which can negatively affect consumer spending and business investment. Investor confidence may also be affected as they worry about what is to come, contributing to the already jittery markets.

Health officials fear that with the protests spreading and with hundreds of thousands rubbing shoulders and marching in the streets, this could result in a significant spike in COVID 19 cases in the US, unraveling the progress made over the past few months under strict social distancing measures.

These are unprecedented times, its not only the COVID-19 pandemic that is adding to the uncertainty and fear, it is the geopolitical tensions, recession fears, high unemployment, the US-China Hong Kong standoff, and now the widespread protests and riots across US cities.

Gold usually thrives in times of crisis, fear, and uncertainty, and many believe that America is currently in a crisis

Protect and Diversify your assets in times of crisis

Amidst the chaos and fear, we will see many investors and traders looking for solace in safe-haven assets like gold. It is time to start safeguarding your assets and protecting your wealth by adding some gold to your portfolio.

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