Here’s Why Gold Could Surge within the Next 18 Months


Bank of America Securities’ Francisco Blanch says a $3,000 target price on gold over the next 18 months is a scenario that should be taken seriously.

In the past 15 years, gold has risen 315.48%. Since January 1st, 2019, it is up near 52% alone, and things don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

So what’s fueling these beliefs that gold has yet another 50% of upside to grow to within the next 18 months? Well, if its stellar historical performance up to the beginning of 2020 doesn’t prove it’s the point, its strong performance (and demand) during the pandemic should

Not only did the swift impact of COVID-19 affect us physically and emotionally, but as we all experienced, financially as well. Our nation’s currency’s strength was exposed and left both retail and institutional investors stunned without a plan.

And this is when gold surged. Investors panicked to preserve their capital, which resulted in stock market sell-offs / capital, leaving the traditional market and entering into gold assets.

Although the market has recovered since then, many professionals believe that another market downturn in the near future is inevitable.

This is referred to as the “Minsky moment.” Named after economist Hyman Minsky, the “Minsky moment” refers to a sudden market collapse following an unsustainable V-shaped recovery or bull run. What usually follows the short-lived bull run is actually worse than the first sudden market collapse.

Propped up by unsuccessful QE attempts and stimulus checks, our economy and financial stability as a nation are literally at a vital point that will shape our history to come for the next hundreds of years.

No one is one hundred percent certain what the future or even next few weeks have in store for us, but one thing that is for sure – history may not always repeat itself, but it can be a good indicator of what is to come.

And with that said, with the history and “indicators” that we currently have, now may be a time to start hedging your investments than any other.

What’s the world’s favorite safe haven? The one whose unimpaired track record dates back to over 5,000 years in which it has always come out as the number one investment during times of economic turmoil and political uproar? Gold.

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