As Protests Erupt and Election Nears, Is America In Crisis?


As protests across the US turned deadly, and as the race for the White House intensifies, many believe that America is in crisis. Americans can therefore expect to see increased uncertainty, more fear, more volatile markets, and possibly the continued slide of the US dollar as the year progresses.

Increased volatility in the stock market, escalating civil unrest, rising uncertainty over future government policies, and heightened uncertainty among investors, ahead of the elections, could see more Americans rushing to safe-haven assets to protect their wealth. Gold traditionally performs well in times of crisis and its appeal is evident in the record-breaking gold prices being witnessed this year.

By all indication, this election is expected to be a close one marked possibly by contentious issues. Although Joe Biden is currently polling ahead of incumbent Republican President Donald Trump in key battleground states, his lead has narrowed, and the race has tightened over the past few weeks. No one knows for sure who will be elected president this November. As such many Americans are taking steps to guard against the risks and uncertainties that lie ahead. Many are turning to Gold as a proven safe-haven asset that allows investors to hedge against political uncertainty.

Gridlock in Washington, partisan bickering over mail-in voting leading to more uncertainty

Lately, there seems to be constant partisan bickering over mail-in voting, voter fraud, voter suppression and it seems like the US is in political disarray. Many analysts express that the country has never been as split, politically divided and polarized as it is today. The current stalemate over a coronavirus aid package exemplifies that reality as both parties remain divided on the issue and seem unwilling or unable to reach an agreement.

There are also growing concerns over whether the election results will be accepted, contested, delayed, etc. further adding to the fear and uncertainty.

Goldman Sacs Warns Investors to Hedge for U.S. Election Delay

Goldman Sachs is telling investors to prepare for and hedge against volatility around the upcoming November U.S. election. David Kostin wrote “Given the several-week delay in finalizing the results of the 2000 presidential election (in addition to the contentious 1876 election), the elevated volumes of mail-in ballots used in recent primary elections, and the potential for increased mail-in ballots this November, there is an elevated risk that election-related volatility could extend beyond Election Day.”

Buying gold is a great hedge and response to fear and uncertainty and judging from what’s happening now, things could get more chaotic leading up to the election. So, the appeal for Gold should continue to rise as Americans under the current political and economic climate seek to protect their savings.

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