Multi-Billionaire Predicts a Weaker Dollar and Massive Market Crash Ahead

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When it comes to finances, who better to listen to than a billionaire who’s accumulated his wealth through first-hand experience?

Multi-billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine Capital investment firm, has been labeled “The Bond King” for good reason. It’s safe to say he’s an expert in his field.

Gundlach believes there is a vast market crash coming within the next 18 months. He also believes Americans should be owning 25% of gold. He went on to say, “I think we have such a potential tail risk of outcomes, such dispersed potential outcomes, that you really need to have this barbelled asset allocation concept.”

One reason is due to the price of gold trending up for over two years, and interestingly enough, 2020 seemed to have sparked its breakout bull run.

With gold breaking records this year, fueled by the health, economic, and financial uncertainty that we are facing, Gundlach feels that if things continue heading in the same direction, this gold play could act as a hedge against future economic turmoil.

The DoubleLine Capital CEO also said the US dollar would dive in the long run. And the experts agree. Economist Stephen Roach told CNBC last month that the US dollar will collapse against other major currencies in this post-pandemic global economy.

Gundlach also stated that he prefers owning physical assets and argued you might have to be near the exit button when it comes to owning equity positions when the market crashes. He firmly believes the question is exactly when not if.

So what’s the main takeaway and what can we do? Gundlach’s optimistic outlook on gold’s performance over the next years to come, coupled with his suggestion of preparing yourself financially, is warning enough to consider making the best choices right now that are in your favor.

It’s just more reasons why buying gold, or even opening a Gold IRA, may be a wise choice. Gold has acted as a safe haven for people worldwide trying to escape the market volatility and declining value of the dollar.

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