Possibly the most consequential event of the year is the upcoming US elections on November 3rd. As the election draws closer, Americans should start to pay closer attention to how this could affect their savings and investments. Americans cannot control or predict the results of the US elections but they have total control over how they chose to protect their assets in these uncertain times.

There are already heightened concerns and uncertainty over the COVID19 pandemic, a devastated economy, skyrocketing debt, high unemployment, a declining dollar, escalated China USA trade tensions and now there is the fast-approaching US Election to consider. The markets are still reeling and have not yet fully digested the devastating impact of COVID19 and yet another major uncertainty looms.

No one knows for sure what will happen in the elections, but what we do know is that the markets hate uncertainty, and usually reacts negatively to it.

The president, on August 3rd, suggested that record gains by the Nasdaq and the ongoing stock market rebound from recent lows could be in jeopardy if Joe Biden wins the election.

He tweeted, “It would all come crashing down, including your Jobs, Stocks, and 401Ks, if Sleepy Joe ever became President. China and others would own us!!!”

The president’s tweets yield great power and even a mere suggestion could have his millions of Americans scampering or very reactive to a possible change in administration. The President’s business-friendly approach has been relatively good for the markets, so as election nears and uncertainty grows, Americans can expect to see more jittery markets and nervous investors. Investors fearful of another stock market crash may start to pull out of the stock market and move instead to safe-haven assets like gold to protect their wealth.

  • Gold allows you to diversify across tangible physical assets, away from traditional paper assets like stocks, bonds which could be more vulnerable to market crashes.
  • Gold traditionally performs well in times of crisis and uncertainty.
  • Gold is a great store of wealth, a great hedge against inflation, and a great hedge against a weakening dollar.

Leading up to the elections, there will be a lot of uncertainty and volatility in the markets and this could support the demand for gold and it’s price over the next few months.

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