Election Day is Here. How Americans are Preparing…

election 11-3-20

Election day has finally come. It goes without saying the 2020 presidential race has been one of the most controversial elections we’ve ever had. We may not even know who the next US President will be today.

The pandemic brought record-breaking numbers of mail-in ballots to be counted with more than 93 million Americans already casting their votes. This is primarily due to the increasing amount of mail-in ballots allowed, thanks to the coronavirus.

In fact, nine states plus the District of Columbia have all adopted and strictly adhered to the mail-in ballot method. Several other states, including California, New Jersey, Nevada, and Vermont, and Washington, D.C, went as far as mailing ballots out to every registered voter.

Just because it’s November 3rd doesn’t mean we can expect to hear who the winner will be by tonight. Some say It might not even be this month. Historically, experts have been able to project the winner on election night based on data from exit polls.

But, the official results of any election have never been finalized on election night.

States normally certify their voting results by December 8th, while each state’s electors meet to cast their electoral college ballots on December 14th.

That’s right, more than a month after the actual election day is when we may have to wait for official results.

And with this comes the fear of civil unrest.

Federal agencies are preparing for the worst. Homeland Security and ICE are on standby with teams ready to go as needed. Fencing has been built around The White House to create a buffer in case protests turn violent.

The threat of civil unrest remains and has some of the nation’s most sophisticated investors second-guessing their portfolio allocation.

A recent survey by UBS interviewed investors with at least $1 million in assets and revealed that 55% planned to make changes to their portfolio ahead of the election.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Chris Gaffney, president of world markets at TIAA Bank said, “Just because we hit election day, I don’t think that takes away the volatility.”

Gold is not only expected to continue acting as a safe haven in uncertain times, but some believe it will continue on its bull rally upwards. Just as it did during the Al Gore and Bush election in 2000.

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