Gold Prices to Move ‘Way Past’ All-Time Highs Says Billionaire Investor

gold price surge

The media rarely ever fully agrees on one topic entirely across the board. While this year certainly proved that when it came to other talking points, for financial or investment, things seem to be a bit different.

Real estate, bonds, or a new company entering the market is traditionally the week or month’s finance hot topic. But now, gold has become the media’s golden ticket to opportunity.

To be clear, gold didn’t “just” become one of the most talked-about opportunistic assets overnight- some experts believe that gold has been in a bull-run and is actually setting up for its next big move upwards.

Gold entered 2020 around $1,500 and rose over 30% to $2,067.15 and broke its previous all-time high of $2,000 set in 2011.

At the end of 2020, gold is still sitting up over 20% for the year.

One billionaire investor feels that this is the best scenario since it proves that gold is indeed in a bull market.

He also believes that the next short-term movement for gold is moving upwards and sees the yellow metal in the third-wave of a secular bull market that will take it “way past new highs.”

Thomas Kaplan has been a long advocate of gold and he’s not alone.

Other highly respected financial professionals have been publicly sharing their positive outlooks.

Mark Smith from UBS Wealth Management stated in a recent CNBC interview that his firm has been advising clients for months to move from bonds to gold.

He claims that other wealth management firms across the country have been doing the same.

Many believe that the reason gold’s price retraced from the $2,000 levels to $1,800 is because of the over-optimistic reaction to the COVID vaccines.

Although we have a potential solution to the virus, no one knows how long it will take to distribute evenly and if average Americans will even have access to the vaccine in the near future.

No one knows how the market will react, when bull markets happen, it’s usually in waves- and this could be gold’s next wave out of many.

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