Gold Mining Companies Achieve Record Gold Production in 2020

gold mining

For as long as we can remember, Americans have been protecting their assets with precious metals like gold. When the news of the COVID outbreak hit the globe, millions more were rushing to find a financial safe-haven.

Just as it has always done in past times of turmoil, gold has arguably been the safe haven of choice in 2020. The demand for gold was so high that the buying pressure pushed its prices past its record all-time high price of $2,000.

And in even better news– the supply provided by gold mines across the globe kept up with demand. In fact, many mines exceeded their 2020 volume projections.

Can you imagine how much higher the price of gold would have gone if companies like Dundee Precious Metals hadn’t have achieved record gold production numbers?

President and CEO of Dundee Precious Metals, David Rae, was recently quoted in an interview saying, “2020 was another milestone year for DPM, as we delivered record gold production and met or exceeded our production guidance at each of our operations.”

Mines have been busy in South America as well. Fruta del Norte gold mine in southeast Ecuador is one of the largest and highest-grade gold projects currently in production. Owned by Lundin Gold, and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is known as one of the world’s gold mining hot spots.

President and CEO Ron Hochstein stated in an interview, “Fruta del Norte delivered another strong quarter to close out 2020. The grades mined, recoveries and average throughput were all better than expected during the fourth quarter.”

It may be crazy to think that anything had a record year in 2020, considering the inconceivable circumstances we were dealing with.

But it’s true. Gold’s year showed strong performance in multiple areas. In hindsight, all the buying signals were there, (and still are).

Take a second to ask yourself this, is uncertainty, doubt, and turmoil still upon us?

Although COVID vaccine distributions are underway, the effects of national unemployment, lockdowns, and inflation has yet to reach us… And when it does, will you be financially confident to overcome the repercussions?

Were you a part of last year’s gold run? Were you on the sidelines saying, “I knew I should have bought in”?

Well, here’s your chance to prevent that from happening again. Learn how to diversify and protect your wealth and retirement against these uncertain times with assets like gold by calling American Hartford Gold at 800-462-0071.

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