Bill O’Reilly Trusts and Recommends American Hartford Gold

Bill O’Reilly is perhaps one of, if not the most popular, news-making television and radio personalities boasting an impressive resume across his nearly five decades in the industry.

O’Reilly has anchored programs for CBS, ABC, FOX, and then later launched his very own television program, The O’Reilly Factor, in 1996.

His program, The O’Reilly Factor, became the highest-rated cable news show during its production, reaching an average of 4 million views a night. To say that The O’Reilly Factor had a deep reach and influence would be an understatement.

With such astonishing accomplishments as these, American Hartford Gold is honored to have received the endorsement of Bill O’Reilly. However, the appreciation far exceeds a simple partnership.

When it comes to retirement planning, Americans are often seeking new ways to prepare today for their future, and this partnership allows individuals to gain more insight into their retirement savings options.

We have worked together with Bill O’Reilly to bring attention to the value of physical gold and silver to individuals seeking to upgrade their retirement strategy by moving savings from stocks and mutual funds and into safe haven precious metals. American Hartford Gold specializes in helping Americans with the option to open an IRA backed by physical gold and silver with the opportunity to rollover existing accounts or eligible 401(k) plans.

Physical precious metals ownership has benefited Americans and has allowed them to protect their future. It is with Bill O’Reilly’s support and commentary that has garnered attention to those seeking savings options for their retirement:

“The only company I recommend, and have been for years, is American Hartford Gold. I trust them; I have personally done business with them.”

– Bill O’Reilly

Gold is a store of value seen since ancient civilization. It has always been seen as an asset that transcends borders, languages and the ever-changing tides of fiat currencies. Not controlled by a single government or financial institution, many believe that the precious metal will always hold inherent value.

American Hartford Gold has been ranked the #1 gold company by the prestigious Inc. 5000’s 2021 list of America’s fastest-growing private companies.

CEO of American Hartford Gold, Sanford Mann shared his thoughts on the increasing concern the public is facing about the political and economic direction of the country and how their retirement is looking increasingly insecure.

Bill O’Reilly’s show helps them stay informed, so they can best decide how to protect themselves against market shocks and spiraling inflation” says Mann.

Truer words could not have been spoken as we as a nation are facing strenuous times.

Americans are looking for stability, and many are turning to precious metals like gold and silver” stated O’Reilly.

Physical metals such as gold and silver have proven themselves in times such as these by protecting individuals’ wealth against inflation and the erosion of the dollar’s purchasing power. Give us a call at 1-800-462-0071 today, to learn about how gold can help protect you and your family.

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