A Gold IRA is easy to get started, but there are always questions to be answered.

Explore answers to common questions about Gold IRAs below and please call us if you would like detailed answers.

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  • Are there any Gold IRA annual contribution limits?

    Yes. Those limits depend on the type of IRA you have and your income levels. Your tax advisor can tell you the current contribution limits.
  • How do I know my precious metals are actually at the depository?

    All reputable depositories provide full accounting and reporting services to insure your precious metals are safe and accounted for. Your gold and silver can either be co-mingled or held fully segregated, depending on your personal preference.
  • Are my precious metals insured at the depository?

    Once your precious metals are at the depository, HGG fully insures them. We also insure each mailing shipped so your investment is protected when a package is lost or damaged in transit, which is a very rare occurrence. You can have complete confidence that we will get your gold and silver where it needs to go, safely and securely.
  • How long after you ship my metals will they be in my account?

    Once you place an order with American Hartford Gold Group and your funds have cleared our account, your precious metals usually are shipped out in one to five business days. Depending on the carrier and the mail service used, factor in another 1-5 business days for the precious metals to arrive at the depository. Your Account Executive will have exact details on your shipment.
  • Can I open more than one Gold IRA at a time?

    Yes, you can own more than one Gold IRA account. However, your total yearly contribution is subject to the same maximum amount no matter how many IRAs you have.
  • How much time do I have once I receive my old 401k or IRA funds to deposit them into my new Gold IRA?

    In the case of a typical 401k or IRA rollover, your funds might be paid directly to you in the form of a check in the mail. It might be possible to conduct an electronic transaction, depending on your current provider. Either way, once the funds are in your possession, you have 60 days to transfer them into your new Gold IRA account. If you do not do so during that time frame, you may incur taxes. Please consult with your tax advisor before you transfer any of your IRA funds.
  • How much time does it take to rollover my existing IRA/401k?

    Once you are ready, we move the process along as quickly as possible. Generally, it can take one to two business days to open an account after an application is received. Funding the Gold IRA after it is set up can take time depending on the response time of your current retirement account provider to set up the transfer
  • Are there tax advantages to the Gold IRA?

    Yes. Our Gold IRA enables you to put pre-tax or tax-deductible money in the account and invest in precious metals. Your account can grow over time tax free, and when you reach 59.5 years you can withdraw it without penalty and simply pay tax taxes on the amounts withdrawn. You can also choose a Roth version of the Gold IRA that uses post-tax dollars that can be withdrawn later with no added taxes. Your tax professional can give you more details on which is best for your specific situation.
  • Can I rollover or transfer my existing IRA into a Gold IRA?

    Yes, and we can help you through the easy process. Call one of our Account Executives today at 800-462-0071 for more details.
  • Why should I roll over my retirement plan into a Gold IRA?

    We believe every investor should consider putting some of their retirement assets in a Gold IRA. First, because of the tax advantages. Second, a Gold IRA is backed by tangible physical precious metals. Owning gold and silver means your retirement assets are not totally exposed to another major financial crisis like the Great Recession of 2008 or future geopolitical shock. Gold and other precious metals have historically demonstrated their value as safe-haven assets and stores of value over time.
  • Are my precious metals safe at the depository? What if something is stolen or damaged?

    At American Hartford Gold Group , we only work with industry-leading depositories like Brink’s and Delaware. They will provide all the accounting and security needed so you have complete peace of mind about your precious metals. Some clients prefer to instruct the depository to segregate their specific metals for their account for extra peace of mind. Either way, you are 100% insured for the full value of the precious metals stored. In addition, every package shipped to/from the depository carries full insurance coverage.
  • Why should I invest some of my retirement assets in a Gold IRA?

    Investors often consider adding gold and/or silver to their retirement accounts because of the long-established wealth protection benefits that precious metals provide. Gold and silver are "safe haven" assets that tend to fluctuate in an independent manner from other markets such as the S&P 500 or the NASDAQ. If you are over-exposed to "paper" markets, you could be in for a rough, volatile ride at times. Even worse, if you have only a few years before retirement, a quick stock market drop could leave you with a curtailed lifestyle in the future. Physical gold and silver offer a powerful diversifying tool that any investor can use to their benefit and help secure their financial future.


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