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De-Mystifying the Financial News Cycle

It is a pattern I’ve seen repeated again and again in the news media over the years. First comes concerns over the economy, then oil hits the skids, then the major stock indices hit double-digit negative territory… and then suddenly articles about gold are blooming everywhere. Over the weekend, both the Wall Street Journal and […]

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Gold: Keeping the bear at bay

2016 is a clear, painful lesson in diversification for people who are over-invested in stocks. I don’t point this out to rub salt in any wounds, especially since I have stocks among my retirement assets too. My goal is to help you prepare for what might come next.As the old proverb goes: hope for the […]

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Is your Bear Market strategy in place?

You’ve seen the news: continued weakness in the U.S. market and lots of economic and political uncertainty ahead. The Dow Jones Industrials finished last week down over 7% year-to-date and oil down over 13%. Do you think this will turn around? Some analysts say yes, some say no. But you can’t gamble with your retirement. […]

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Gold: Your Lifeboat as Markets Sink

Both gold and silver held tough last week as the new year’s bear market continued to pummel stock investors. In a week where oil plunged over 11% and the S&P 500 was down 2%, gold and silver finished down less than 1%. In this new year, the diversification value of owning gold couldn’t be clearer. […]

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2016: Gold & Silver go political?

As 2015 rang into 2016, both silver and gold ended their final trading sessions at prices below their 2014 close. Gold finished its last trading session at $1,061.90/oz., compared to $1,184.30/oz at the end of 2014. Silver closed 2015 at $13.84/oz., down from $15.64/oz. a year ago. ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC? You should be. Gold and […]

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The Week In Precious Metals

Gold finished last week at $1,066/oz., just slightly lower than the previous week’s close. Silver ended slightly higher at $14.15/oz. It is a very interesting time in the market, as both metals actually hit multi-year lows during the week. Gold dipped below $1,050/oz. for the first time since 2009! The market was focused on one critical […]

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The Week In Precious Metals

After seeing strong appreciation last week, gold pulled back last week from $1,085.90 to $1,077.20/oz as of closing time on the New York markets. This price is still above the multi-year low set last week of $1,053.55. Silver closed lower as well at $13.93/oz. Some of the market movement was attributable to fears that the […]

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