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“The fundamentals for silver remain fairly sound; demand is expected to grow around 2% next year, while production is expected to fall around 2.7%.” Scotiabank, Precious Metals 2016 Forecast, 12/15. “The silver market saw record demand in 2015, with the jewelry, coin and bar, and photovoltaic sectors posting new highs, helping to boost silver demand […]

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Breaking News: Gold Flirts with $1,300/oz

Last week, the price of an ounce of gold closed just shy of $1,300/oz, notching a gain of over 20% in 2016. Gold has performed better than stocks, bonds and all the other major asset classes. Gold’s impressive rise has been propelled by three key trends: “Flight to safety” with turbulence hitting the stock market […]

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Why is gold up 21% in 2016?

As we close the book on April, many investors are wondering: Why is stock market growth so stagnant while “alternative” investments like gold and silver are up over 20%? In a nutshell, financial market uncertainty is rising and fears of recession are growing. In fact, billionaire investor Carl Icahn recently warned about looming recession and […]

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Gold Up 16% in Q1: Best Quarter in 30 Years

Gold showed its fortitude as a safe haven asset in the first quarter of 2016, rising 16%. Silver rose about 12% during the same period. In fact, gold and silver were practically the only bright spots to be seen in the markets during the last three months. What’s going on? Falling stocks, currency weakness, ultra-loose […]

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Gold: The College Debt Threat to your Retirement

The numbers simply boggle the mind: More than $1.2 trillion in student loan debt 40 million borrowers Average balance of $29,000 each Student loan debt is more than an election year campaign issue: it is a serious long-term threat to the U.S. economy and your retirement assets. College attendance has been rising for almost 30 […]

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Has the Stock Market Run Out Of Steam?

If you owned gold and silver in 2016, you’re probably patting yourself on the back right now. Traditional stock markets are basically flat for the year, while both gold and silver are in the positive double digits. According to recent market research, your diversification strategy could literally save your bacon if you plan to retire […]

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Do you know the Secret of Motel 6?

Gold has been in the news everywhere, and the words you hear spoken most are “wealth protector.” Gold is up 18% so far this year, while both the S&P 500 and Dow Jones are down. That’s the kind of wealth protection everyone could use more of these days. But gold has additional reasons for its […]

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Breaking News: Largest Gold ETC Suspends New Shares

Gold demand has been so strong in 2016 that the largest gold exchange-traded commodity (“ETC”) has temporarily suspended the issuance of new shares to investors. While Blackrock’s demand problem is good news generally for gold and silver investors, it also highlights the risks of holding “paper gold” instead of actual physical bullion. Because of the […]

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Could the $100 bill soon be history?

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers made waves last week with an pronouncement heard across the world: he believes that large denomination bills should be phased out permanently. In his words: “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” The reason? These paper instruments allow for anonymous transactions that can’t be tracked by government authorities. In […]

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