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Is your Bear Market strategy in place?

You’ve seen the news: continued weakness in the U.S. market and lots of economic and political uncertainty ahead. The Dow Jones Industrials finished last week down over 7% year-to-date and oil down over 13%. Do you think this will turn around? Some analysts say yes, some say no. But you can’t gamble with your retirement. […]

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Gold: Your Lifeboat as Markets Sink

Both gold and silver held tough last week as the new year’s bear market continued to pummel stock investors. In a week where oil plunged over 11% and the S&P 500 was down 2%, gold and silver finished down less than 1%. In this new year, the diversification value of owning gold couldn’t be clearer. […]

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2016: Gold & Silver go political?

As 2015 rang into 2016, both silver and gold ended their final trading sessions at prices below their 2014 close. Gold finished its last trading session at $1,061.90/oz., compared to $1,184.30/oz at the end of 2014. Silver closed 2015 at $13.84/oz., down from $15.64/oz. a year ago. ARE YOU OPTIMISTIC? You should be. Gold and […]

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The Week In Precious Metals

Gold finished last week at $1,066/oz., just slightly lower than the previous week’s close. Silver ended slightly higher at $14.15/oz. It is a very interesting time in the market, as both metals actually hit multi-year lows during the week. Gold dipped below $1,050/oz. for the first time since 2009! The market was focused on one critical […]

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The Week In Precious Metals

After seeing strong appreciation last week, gold pulled back last week from $1,085.90 to $1,077.20/oz as of closing time on the New York markets. This price is still above the multi-year low set last week of $1,053.55. Silver closed lower as well at $13.93/oz. Some of the market movement was attributable to fears that the […]

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The Week in Precious Metals

Precious metals saw a rise in prices across the board last week, with gold up 2.81% to $1086.30/oz and silver up 3.38% to $14.55/oz on the New York Spot Market. These increases came despite both metals touching multi-year lows over the course of the week. Gold showed strong resiliency in the face of the release […]

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