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Is a Stock Market Crash Coming?

If the past year hasn’t been hectic enough, we are now on the brink of facing what some consider to be a repeat of the dot-com bubble. Various esteemed investors and financial institutions across many sectors all have their own opinion as to why this may be the case. One of the most famous opinions […]

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Why Now May Be a Good Time To Buy Gold

Gold’s rally past its all-time high in 2020 caught investors’ attention across many markets. The precious metal is known for being a safe haven, a steady moving asset rather than focusing on dynamic growth, and its 22% gain last year was nothing short of outstanding. Need we mention that this was during a global pandemic? […]

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How Silver Could Hedge Against Inflation

When it comes to times of economic turmoil and fighting against the rising inflation that habitually follows, gold has been the go-to asset of choice for centuries. However, its “cousin” silver, which also performs well in these times and acts as a stable, safe haven, has always taken the back seat to gold. In reality, […]

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Inflation is Coming. The Question Is How Much?

While the stock market is seeing losses, the age-old safe haven, gold, jumped over 1.5% in one day over the concern of rising inflation and the weakening of the dollar. If the endless printing of money, the small business lockdowns, and rising unemployment weren’t enough, more stimulus is almost enough to guarantee a rise in […]

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Silver Price Hits 8-Year High

By now, you’ve more than likely heard about the chaos on Wall Street regarding certain stocks like Gamestop and AMC. While the reasoning behind these recent events may be unclear to some, it essentially boils down to distrust. Millions of retail investors felt (and identified) that Wall Street firms were manipulating these stocks. They believe […]

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How Gold Could Protect Your Wealth

We’re living in unprecedented times and with a lingering pandemic, many Americans are fighting a physical battle for their health. A common ground for nearly all Americans seems to be a financial battle to protect our savings. While there never seems to be the perfect solution to anything, gold has historically been the champion in […]

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Is the Diminishing US Dollar Here to Stay?

Addressing and solving any issue is complicated, especially when the people in charge are in denial of its very existence. Maybe it’s a lack of empathy for the people who will be affected the most- us. Although recent comments (or lack thereof) made by Janet Yellen, the recently appointed treasury secretary, acts as a huge […]

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